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Post | augustus 2020 | Nieuws | 2 min lezen

Apply for a subsidy easier

It will be easier for Utrecht voluntary organisations to apply for subsidies, thanks to the adjusted subsidy scheme 'voluntary work for each other' of the Municipality of Utrecht. 

The following information can be found on the municipality's website:

Simpler subsidy policy for Utrecht voluntary organisations

From 2021 it will be easier for voluntary organisations and residents' initiatives that contribute to the well-being of residents and the pleasant living together in Utrecht to apply for a subsidy. They will then be able to apply for the adjusted subsidy scheme 'voluntary work for each other'. For this purpose 3 subsidy schemes have been merged into 1 integral scheme.

Clear subsidy schemes

The municipality wants all inhabitants of Utrecht to be able to live, grow up and live together pleasantly in the city. Equal opportunities and just being able to participate is therefore important. The Municipal Executive has adopted 6 new or adjusted subsidy schemes. One of them is the adjusted subsidy scheme 'voluntary commitment for each other'. This is about everything that residents and volunteers do for each other and for their neighbourhood. To this end, the municipality subsidises all kinds of activities of residents' initiatives and voluntary organisations. For example a community centre in self-management, a buddy project or a neighbourhood information point.

In addition, 2 new detailed rules have been established and 3 existing detailed rules have been adapted. These are subsidies for sports events and for activities carried out by professional organisations such as schools and Steunpunt Mantelzorg. All this will make the granting of subsidies more transparent, simpler and more effective from 2021 onwards.

Together with the city

In early March, more than 100 stakeholders from 50 different voluntary organisations and residents' initiatives contributed to the new subsidy scheme 'voluntary work for each other'. They advised the municipality to include in the scheme room for customisation and learning and experimenting together. This has been incorporated in the new subsidy scheme. In order to align the choices within the subsidy scheme as much as possible with Utrecht's needs, the municipality will involve volunteers/participants in the activities and experts in the consideration of subsidy applications. 


Want to read more? An overview of all changes to the subsidy schemes and further explanation can be found in this letter in which the Municipal Executive informs the municipal council.

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